colbyrobsonblog said: GIRLTRASH -PLEASE know that POWER UP Films, takes PIRACY very seriously. We have a law firm on retainer and we use the FBI HEY BIG SHOT, YOU HAVE ADMITTED here to being a pirate, so again TAKE down you links or POWER UP will report you. and you can learn about the law while you sit in jail for 6 months... We can track you by your pages. GROW UP and stop stealing!


From my previous post about this:

"1. I don’t have any working links to Girltrash: All Night Long. I host no files through any social media sites connected to me, nor do I host any locally on my computer. Which means: If the FBI were ever to investigate my internet traffic they would not have the means in which to incriminate, it’s the uploaders/seeders that they search for. Even then, it would be my internet provider who would send a cease and desist letter to my email first, before I would be hit with any fines or further criminal punishment, unless I happened to be the unlucky 1% of people that gets slammed for a “one song download” type of situation. 

2. If Power Up Films didn’t want people and fans to rip them off, they shouldn’t have ripped off the director, Angela Robinson, who worked so hard to make her movie. 

3. Claiming to be a representative of Power Up Films on Tumblr Anonymous is not an effective scare tactic, so if you’d like to engage about this issue further as a fellow Tumblr User-come off Anonymous and we can chat about why I have been trying to acquire this movie by illegal means either here on Tumblr or through use of some kind of actual IM chat.”

^Hey look, you came off Anonymous, kudos! I decided to copy and paste from the last message because nothing has changed. I still host no files locally or otherwise, and as such, cannot be slammed for copyright laws. I haven’t even downloaded the movie, by the way. None of the links that other people are passing around work for me.

I’ll keep remaining polite if you’d like to continue to bother me about this, but I am now officially asking you to leave me alone. There is no way I would ever believe you are someone who actually works for the production company, and you obviously do not know more than I happen to know about how tracking piracy works.

I understand being a dedicated fan of something and not wanting a movie you like being downloaded, but like I’ve said-I cannot ethically support a production company that rips off their director like that. I am a previous film major, current TV production major, and as someone who wants to make queer media like Angela Robinson someday…trust me, I get it. But you know what, it just comes down to Powerhouse. I’m not giving them my money. If I could hand Angela Robinson the 15 bucks for her movie, I would. Seeing as that’s not an option, I will see the movie without handing over money.


Story of my life

Story of my life


I love ellen.



I love ellen.


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This says it all.

This says it all.

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John Hughes. You are my hero.

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Wine, wine, wine

Goin away for 3 days to our wine growing region with a super cute girl. Bring on the alcohols!


Dang nabbit i’m all frustrated. Why are the girls you meet these days so alternative. It seems every one of them you talk to now takes drugs, smokes like a chimney or lives off the dole. Where have all the nice girls gone? The one’s you supposedly meet next door? Blarg.

I hear ya! Im still on the search for this mysterious species called Girl Next Door too!


I must admit I now have a new crush on Miss S!


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